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Hi I am currently evaluating how Office Online Integration into a website via WOPI can be realized. Goal is to provide Office Online for 6-10 users.


I do not understand what License is needed for integration. Do I need a business license or is Office 365 home license sufficient? And who needs the license? The host providing office online integration (i.e. the website host) or the client using it?


Any help will be appreciated...





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There is a great article on the details and requirements of this here.


Also, a more simplified and official format for the information can be found at this location

I'm curious to know how are you going to integrate Office Online in Office 365 in your custom App

It's about a custom application for an office. An important part is mail management which is being processed in two steps:

  1. Incoming mail is scanned and stored in database
  2. Incoming mail is answered using MS Word

We are currently evaluating if a web application or a classic desktop application fits our needs better.


In case of a web application it must be possible to integrate creation of outgoing mail (step 2). For that reason I thought of integrating Office Online.



I read that one has to be member of the Office Cloud Storage Partner Program. I represent a small office which aim is to implement a strongly customized web app with a MS Word integration. We are not a provider of cloud services. For that reason I suppose that hosting a WOPI Server will not be the right approach.


Can you describe the typical user? Is the user a commercial employee, or a student or consumer?


I ask primarily because the consumer variants of Office - including Home and Personal, explicitly forbid commercial use.