Office 365 Groups usage report in Office 365 Admin Center


It's good to see a Groups usage report show up in the Office 365 Admin Center. However, maybe there's a small little minor problem with some of the last activity dates?



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 The other problem is that column only shows the last activity in terms of conversations/emails.   It doesn't show the last activity from the SharePoint document library/site or Planner, etc. 

Well, while I agree with the idea of showing much more info, Tony is reporting that the data being displayed is not right and reliable

As I explored in, determining the date of last activity in a SharePoint site is not as easy as it should be. And figuring out what happens in Planner, Teams, or anything else that uses the Groups model for identity and membership might also be much harder than asking Exchange what the last message was in a group mailbox... The interesting thing that arises from this discussion is what happens for Yammer groups where the messages are held in Yammer rather than the mailbox. I assume that Microsoft will be able to extract the date of last activity (maybe not 0001) for these groups without problems. Maybe they haven't thought about that yet...

You might also wonder which Office 365 Group modality - Clearly it's Outlook Groups. But Microsoft Teams are an Office 365 Group, and Yammer will join in the new year.

It would be nice if there was a public way (PowerShell preferably) to extract the information about usage of Microsoft Teams, Planner, and Yammer Groups. But there isn't... so you get Office 365 Groups (the original and best?).

Tony this is a known issue we are planning to fix this quarter, thanks for your patience.