Office 365 Groups naming policy GA?


When will Office 365 Groups naming policy GA? We have a ton of groups created through Teams and PowerBI. I need some control over the naming but don't want to limit our businesses in using the tools.


Thank you


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It's currently in private preview and we are aiming for public preview this month.

sweet, thank you!

That is one of the main features we are missing currently and I am happy to see it making it's way to release. 


What about these items:

Office 365 Groups: expiring groups
To support administrators’ desire to keep their directories clear of stale or inactive content, we’re working on a policy that would expire inactive Office 365 Groups over a definable period of time.
Estimated Release: Q2 CY2017
Feature ID: 14680
Added to Roadmap: 06/13/2017
Last modified : 01/29/2018

Recover deleted Office 365 Group from Office and Exchange admin centers
If an Office 365 Group is deleted, tenant administrators will have the ability to restore the group from the Exchange admin center. Note you can also restore an Office 365 Group using PowerShell cmdlets.
Estimated Release: Q1 CY2017
Feature ID: 14685
Added to Roadmap: 06/08/2017
Last modified : 01/29/2018

Distribution List owners can upgrade the DLs they own to Office 365 Groups
Groups in Outlook provides more functionality than a distribution list - even new members get access to past conversations and attachments and much more. We are making it easier for users who own DLs to upgrade them to Office 365 Groups from Outlook on the web. DL owners will see eligible DLs in the left navigation pane in Outlook on the web, under the 'Groups' section and can click on them to upgrade.
Estimated Release: Q1 CY2017
Feature ID: 15044
Added to Roadmap: 06/08/2017
Last modified : 01/29/2018


Are those also coming to GA soon? I saw all of these features demoed two Ignites back and having been waiting for these ever since. Without these we are having a hard time turning on Groups creation by our user community.