Office 365 Groups limits (Subscription level)


Hello Team. Please, anyone can provide me info about:

- How many Office groups can be created per tenant?

- Office Group "Files" impact 500.000 site collections limit in a tenant?

- Storage limit for Office Group "Files"? If 25 TB, this affects 1 TB + (0.5 GB x User) storage?

Actually, I just know:

-- Initially, "Files" was a OneDrive. OneDrive has a storage of 1 TB (Plan 1) / 5 TB (Plan 2) 

-- Actually "Files" is a Team Site.  SPO Site Collections has a maximum of 25 TB (


Thanks in advance and regards.

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Please check this document:

Note the Groups file storage is SharePoint hence the new 25TB applies

So to summarize and according to the link provided by Christophe:
(1) You can create a maximum of 250 Groups x Number of users of your tenant.
(2) Yes, Office Groups Files count against the limit in the number of site collections you ca have per SPO tenant
(3) Yes, a Group File can store up to 25 TB but you need to have that amount of storage in your SPO tenant ^-^
(4) Group Files has never been a "OneDrive"...there were some communication mistakes when explaining what a Group Files means so you are not going to have per Group the storage you have for OneDrive
(5) Correct, a Group Files is a Team Sites and this is going to be more clear with modern team sites

Thanks Juan, Christophe.

Following does not mention Office group storage


1) The first 2K users will be able to create its 250 groups. In this border scenario, tenant will reach its limit of 500K site collections (yes, a tenant can handle 500K users, and Office Group creation can be disabled or handled only by Tenant / SPO Admins).

2) When Office Group were launched, I understood it does not count against Tenant storage. It worked like OneDrive.


My customer thinks previous link is not explicit and he customer wants additional documentation that explains in details those limits, in order to take decisions about its Tenant.


Again thanks and regards.

Hi Marcos,
Well, in my case I don't think that explicit mention is required since I know a Group Files is a Site Collection that belongs to your SPO tenant so:
(1) Groups storage relies on your SPO tenant in order to be able to store up to 25 TB in a Group, you need to have at least that amount of storage in your SPO tenant.
(2) As I said, Office Groups storage has never worked as me it was a marketing / communication mistake from Microsoft. Office Groups files have been always site collection (actually hidden Site Collections).
(3) You are right in regards of reaching the limit in regards of the number of site collections...even I think It's absolutely crazy in terms of governance thinking in having this amount of site collections

My apologies for hijacking the thread but I have a related question.

Below blog mentions a limitation to the amount of groups you can be a member of:

There is no limit to the number of Groups per Office 365 tenant
Each user can create up to 250 Office 365 Groups
Each user can be a member of up to 1,024 Groups
Groups with over 1,000 users are supported
Group conversations can be slow in groups of this size or greater
Public Groups can be a risk, since anyone in your organization can join them
A special Group mailbox is created in Office 365 to store all the Groups content.
The maximum size of this mailbox is 50 GB

Is this limitation still applicable or is this post outdated or incorrect?

Tx in advance.



Just a question on the maximum number of Groups per user in O365 (E5)


I understand that there is a limit (200?250?) to the number of groups that can be created by a single user.


In a scenario where we were to disable group creation for ALL users by default and only allow admins to create them .. does this 250 limit apply to the admin users?


Is there a way , at the tenant level to enable group creation but put a quota on it so that individual users can't create 250 groups but can create perhaps 5 groups?


@Deleted the 250 limit does not apply to admins, only users.


You can't configure a lower per-user limit, and strictly the enforcement of the limit seems a little variable through different interfaces in our testing, Teams full applies it, Outlook not so much. It's probably more useful to think of it the limit up to which you will get assistance from support.


You could build your own workflow to create groups and build your own business logic as to what to allow, see the blog series by @Martina Grom at


It's perhaps not for the faint of heart, but shown how you can extend the product.