Office 365 Groups in Outlook for Mac

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We would really like to get O365 Groups exposed in Outlook for Mac as it is in Outlook for Windows. The lack of this feature makes deployment of Groups much more difficult in the executive levels of our company. (Keep in mind, without executive buy in, driving technology change is much harder).

  1. Any idea on timeline yet?
  2. Can we at least get an icon in Outlook for Mac's toolbar that launches the browers to the OWA page to ease the pain?
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Groups in Outlook for Mac is now enabled for all Insider Fast builds! Please let me know if you still don't see Groups feature enabled in your build.
Great stuff!!!!

it works great!

Hi Maria,


Really glad to see that Groups is finally available on the Mac.  It has been exposed on my version, but all I am seeing is the emails - no files, etc.  Is this normal?



Hi Maria

Can you tell me which versions of O365 this has been enabled in?

I have the groups ability in my tenancy -E3 - but my customers on Business Premium don't see it - same build/Fast Insider

Any help appreciated

Hi Paul,

With Business premium, they should be able to see groups in the folder pane if they are a member of at least one group. If they're not a member of any groups, they can join one through Outlook on the web (link to support article:


Let me know if they're still not seeing groups even after joining one.


Hi Dean,

Yes, with the first update, you can only read/compose/reply to group emails and view your top 10 groups in the folder pane. In our next update (targeted for end of this month), we're planning to expose web links to files, notebook, etc in group contact card.



Hi Maria


Most of the users can see Groups, but a few can't. One in particular is the Admin of the test group & a member of it. Yet cannot see the Groups icon in Folder Pane.


Any help appreciated.


Hi Paul,

Could you ask your admin to file a ticket from Mac Outlook by going to Help > Contact Support so we can get more information about his/her app session (build number, environment he/she is in, etc)?


Thank you,


Is there a timeframe for when this might come to the general release, a.k.a not insider rings?

Hi Norman,

We're targeting to release Groups in Mac Outlook in the first half of the year.


We are excited to announce that we have started rolling out Groups experiences in Outlook for Mac. Here is a blog post with more information -

Thanks Krish - glad to see this is coming.


Any plans to allow working with Group files directly in Outlook for Mac?


Also - noticed that you had "Send to OneNote" activated on your Outlook.  Any idea when that will be released as well?





Hi Dean,
We are constantly working on adding new capabilities into Outlook for Mac and also to groups experiences in the app. We don't have much to share now about the specifics or timelines. Looking forward to hearing feedback about what we shipped yesterday once it becomes available for you.

I dont see my outlook group in my outlook 2016 mac desktop client. I am a fast insider and its not enabled in my build. I have updated to the most recent release.

Any update on this issue - I have an open case [Case #:20795784} and the tech does not seem to know how to help.  We just purchased a MAC for our office and did not know we would not be able to send from our group.