Office 365 Groups Governance


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I made some research into the govenance capabilities for the Office 365 groups and summarized the findings in the following blog posts.


Part one is the business part and part 2 the technical one with PowerShell cmdlets to establish a strong groups governance. It's in German, but if you've questions after "Bing Translate" job, please let me know. :)

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You might produce this in Englis :-)....

Hey Rob,


I know a few people and a blog that can turn this into English for you! 

As far as I am seeing, default Quota for O365 Groups is 1TB. All of the ones I checked are 1TB.


You can simply check the quota with

Get-SPOSite –Identity<groupname> -detailed |fl

as documented in

I'm on it... ;)
Thank you, Ali, but it's not 1 GB, it's 1 TB! :)

This is the default value for site collections (and therefore also for Groups), when you use the pooled storage model in your tenant.
Ahh. Mine is a typo! 1TB yes, I will edit to fix it.

These look to be useful articles, you mentioned that you will do them in English. Are they available anywhere?

Hi Richard,

I'm working on it. Please give me some days to complete. I'll then update you guys with the links to the English version. Stay tuned until then ;)

Thanks for the translation, good article!


thank @Robert Mulsow great article!

Thanks for the articles.


For those wishing a translation, doing this the official Microsoft way, IE Edge has the extension "Translator for Microsoft Edge." I'm sure other browsers have similar or built-in functionality. 


The Edge translator did a fairly good job for me.