Office 365 Groups for SharePoint Permissions Management

Steel Contributor

I had begun using Office 365 groups with our SPO environment to assign permissions to SharePoint sites.  Is this a bad idea?


I have found that while I am successful using an Office 365 Group for site premissions, the users in that group are unable to search. Only the pages library is returning results. I have the OGroup in the site Visitors group.


Is this expected behavior?


I confirmed the issue by adding a user in the group to the Vistors SP group and everything is working as expected.

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The search issue looks strange to me...and answering your question: yes, you can absolutely use Office 365 Groups in your SPO Sites in the same way you can use security Groups

Just to be clear. I can use a newly created Office365 group to assign permissions to on an existing Sharepoint Site? I tested this scenario and really did not work.

It seems though that permissions for the newly created group only work with the associated Sharepoint Site that is created for this particular group, right?

This isnt right, you should be able to use that O365 Group (just like an AD Group) in any SharePoint site.

You can apply permissions directly, or include the O365 Group in a SharePoint Group.