Office 365 Groups can now have up to 100 owners


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Another enhancement to Office 365 Groups is rolling out.....groups can now have up to 100 owners!


Previously, an Office 365 Group could have no more than 10 owners. This limit has been increased to 100. A limit of 100 owners is now supported in Azure Active Directory, Office Admin Portal, and Exchange Admin Center, with support in OWA rolling out soon. Additionally, Distribution Lists that were previously ineligible for upgrade to Office 365 Groups due to the owner limit are now eligible.


We're excited to deploy this change which will help support several of our large customers as well as newly integrated services with more distributed ownership models.


Mike McLean

Office 365 Groups

Senior Program Manager

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very nice feature. 

Hey Mike, 


Quick Question. You are saying that Office 365 Groups can have a maximum number of 100 owners, does the same hold true for office 365 distribution lists?


The above link is saying the maximum number of distribution group owners is actually 10? Does that only apply to lists? (Non-Office 365 Groups). 





@Robert Bollinger


I have another quick question: can we enforce a minimum number of Group Owners at creation time and post creation?  If so, could we do this with a centralised policy configuration ,


If this not , then we are looking at a custom form , provisioning service and maybe a service that polls the number of owners per group to ensure minimum owners > 1.