Office 365 Group universal search?

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Is it possible to search across Conversations, Documents and OneNote using one search input box that is provided in the top left corner of the conversation part of that group? 



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The Search box allows you to search across your own mailbox and conversations in Groups you belong to, but it doesnt cover workloads outside of email. @Christophe Fiessinger might be able to share more about future plans on this.

Yes, thank you. 


One user that I'm assisting, his team has Yammer group. Once in that Yammer group's page, they are able to search for discussions, documents and notebook using one search box that is located at the top of that group. He is looking for the same functionality in his Office 365 Group. From what I've seen, I have to go to Conversations tab to search for discussions, go to Document Library tab to search for documents and go to Notebook tab to search for notes. Where he is looking for the same functionality as in Yammer, to search from one spot as opposed to go to 3 different search boxes. 


I was hoping maybe there is a setting that I need to enable that I missed, but according to the answer I got from Microsoft (see link I pasted above), it is not feasable to seach across multiple tabs.