Office 365 group mailbox access on mobile devices

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Hello dears,

I am new to all those Office365 Groups/Teams/Sharepoint but I need to learn quickly since I'm in charge to roll out those last two within the company.

Currently, I had a distribution list I wanted to upgrade to an office group to give access to Teams and also resources such as files.

We finally had to create a new one and delete the DL since it was on our premises and could not be updated.

But there is something that I don't understand about the email address that has been created. When the group is created, a mailbox is also created with the name of that group. It can be accessed in the group section of Outlook and you can also receive a copy of mails in your personal one.

But what can you do to see those emails on your mobile device if the copy is disabled? Isn't it a kind of shared mailbox? I can't even see groups on the mobile version.

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You need to use the Outlook mobile app if you want to access the group mailbox. And the way you do that is by opening your folder list, and clicking on the "Group" entry therein. I know, a bit sneaky. Doing so will bring a list of all your Groups, and you can click any entry there to access the list of messages stored in said groups' mailbox.


Alternatively, you can use the device browser to open OWA and access them from there.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks dear. You made me understand something here. Actually I was not seeing at all that folder list, so no group. But it was actually because I also have a shared mailbox on the app and I'm used to seeing both at the same time (Home icon). I was using Exchange not long ago so...
I just thought it was because the app was simplified to the extreme (kind of Inbox).

With your help, I managed to click to the concerned mailbox and miracle, here it was...


Thanks a lot dear ;)