O365 Group Team site and hashtags

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I'm so confused about these new offerings from O365, and users are starting to ask me questions I can't answer. First of all, I find it VERY confusing that there's something called "Teams" in the app launcher, I don't even understand what that is or when it should be used. Then there's O365 Groups, these come with a SharePoint team site, but that's different from "Teams" (I think). And we've always had SharePoint teamsites, that's what we've been calling them for years, why do they all have similar names?? Am I just using the incorrect terminology??


Anyway, my actual question came from a user, who has an O365 group SharePoint site, and wants to be able to use hashtags. His team has been posting News items and they're trying to use hashtags. That appears to be the wrong application for using hashtags, as far as I know, they only work with Yammer and SharePoint newsfeeds. I suggested they create a Yammer group and add the feed to their team's home page, is that the appropriate response?

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Hashtags are only available in Yammer and SPO newsfeed!

Hi Allison,


Thought i would try and help with the first part of this....


Teams:  Chat based engine that hooks into Group(s), and allows you to add partial apps like OneNote, Sharepoint Libraries & RSS Feeds


Groups: Very flexible, creates a site at the root, dedicated mailbox, 1D4B, Calendar. Needs lots of testing and comparisons to be made with Team Sites for real benefits.


Sites from 365 Groups: Quickly created Team Sites, but unfortunately these are created at route, so in structural terms its a bit of a nightmare.


Sites from SPO: Team Site's/Site Collection, assign a URL structural dream


As for #tags...... i have stayed well clear, focusing purely on SPO, Groups & 1D4B, which is more than enough within trying to juggle Yammer