O365 Group keeps disappearing from outlook

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  • Group created in teams after ADsync was started on-premise. It was a private team setup.
  • After mail migration, Exchange O365 group was created, made public and I am a member
  • Set-UnifiedGroup -Id "O365 Group" -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled $false was run
  • WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings of
    'O365 Group_*****************-****-*******' have been modified.
  • This leads me to believe that the group should be visible in GAL.
  • I can find and add the group, with a successful join reported by Outlook.
  • When I close and reopen Outlook the group is gone.

This is not happening with Groups created in Exchange after migration. Help, please.

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Try removing and readding yourself as a member from the group via admin center, then try the join again via outlook.

@harveer singh Thanks that worked


Hi there,

I am having the same issues. Oddly enough, this solution works for about 2 minutes. Once I refresh the app on my phone or browser on my desktop, the group disappears.

What does this mean?