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Trying to configure the permissions on a O365 Group Calendar. What I am looking for is a way that the calendar will automatically show up in Outlook for all of the users (members); however, when I added them as members, each time an event is added to that calendar, they are notified to accept or decline the event (meeting).  I do not want the later to occur.   


Background. Trying to create a Who's Here and Who's Out Calendar, so people know rather an employee is in the office.  Yes, IM presence would be great; but dealing with users that want to see all of the employees that are out of the office instead of having to search an employee in Skype or enter their name in Outlook.  We used to have this easily on our intranet page when users were forced to log in and out every day but that system has been removed (a good thing).  I did create a web part for our new SharePoint site that feeds that information from the O365 Calendar but people still want to see it in their Outlook Calendar views as well.   

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People need to "unsubscribe" from Calendar events, they can do that from either Outlook or OWA. Unfortunately you cannot manage this on their behalf, as the corresponding value cannot be toggled via PowerShell. But you can configure the Group so that newly added members are not autosubscribed (via the -AlwaysSubscribeMembersToCalendarEvents parameter). Or even more generally toggle all kinds of subscriptions off via SubscriptionEnabled. Refer to the documentation for more details: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/exchange/users-and-groups/set-unifiedgroup?view=e...

Excellent. That appears to have worked for new members as described.  What is weird is, even removing me as a member and adding myself back, I still get notifications. So I like, fine, I can turn it off from Outlook, So I go to the group then group settings, and change the reply no email or events. Take a second and check the setting and it reverted back to "only replies and events"  @Vasil Michev 

Um, try setting it from OWA then.

Same result. @Vasil Michev 

Can you just create an OOO(Out of Office) shared calendar that people can pull up whenever they want? That's what we use.

That looks like a bug then, open a support case.

Does the issue occur for you? If it can be duplicated on other machine(s), then I can see this as a bug. @Vasil Michev