O365 Group approval

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I have a question about O365 group approval.  I believe only "Owner" of O365 group can approve requests to join a group.  Is it possible I can assign different permission to O365 group and  SharePoint sites associated with O365 group?

I want to "Owner" to have  "Editor" permission to O365 group SharePoint sites instead of "Full Access", but I also want this "Owner" which has "Editor" permission to SharePoint sites to approve requests to join a group. 

When I changed "SharePoint" permission from "Owner" to "Editor", this user stopped getting approval email.

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While I recommend to leave Group site permissions with the default configurations, you can change security in the Group site in the way you need without affecting how new users are joining the Group



I am not familar with security in Group site. Will you tell me how to change security in the group site? 




I also wonder how to make public O365 group member to have READ permission as default instead of Edit.