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Hi guys, can a user management administrator access lync/sharepoint/Exchange online as an administrator or read-only admin or none of the above

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if you give the user a license he is a normal user as well and can access his Skyp/SharePoint/Exchange. else the link of vasil applies.

I really appreciate you guys responding to my question. I have tried to resolve this question because I was asked during one of my exams and I am not sure I got it right. I am aware of O365 RBAC but in this case, I was asked "can User Management Administrator access Exchange Online/Lync Online/SharePiont Online as 1 Administrator 2 View-Only 3 None of the Above. My answer was, User Managment Admin can access for Exchange Online is None, for Lync is View-Only, for SharePiont is View-Only. Please if you have any explanation to this I will cherish it!