O365 Admin Centre: Sharing settings and Groups settings


Can someone explain the difference between these 2 settings 


Security and Privacy -> Sharing


According to the link on the page settings, this refers to O365 Groups

Guest access in Office 365 Groups lets you and your team collaborate with people from outside your organization by granting them access to group conversations, files, calendar invitations,...


Services -> Office 365 Groups


Is the first setting here not the same as the one in Sharing above?

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No, as the first one pertains to the entire organization (for example, they will be able to add Guest users to a non-Group-based SPO site).

@Vasil Michev what else does it apply to except for non group based SP sites?

Again, it applies to the entire organization, meaning all workloads. This article explains it better:

@Vasil Michev thanks but it actually does not explain that setting at all. It just says that it has to be on for Guest access to wirk in Teams

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The option in the first screenshot is to allow users in the organisation to invite guests (external users). This is at the tenant level, but some services like Teams have their own individual settings for guests. 


The first option in the second screenshot is about allowing guests to have access to group resources.

Guests here are called "groups members outside your organisation"