New invite UI does not support inviting guests (bug?)

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A new UI appereared to invite group members from within the group site, but it doesn't support inviting guests allthough it is enabled (on our tenant).


The UI in Outlook online does support this feature, this is very confusing for our users.


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Hi Bart.

You are right, I can confirm the issue.

Hello Salvatore,


I'm also unable to add guests form Outlook 2016.


According to the info in

there should appear red text explaining you are adding guests, but I only get:

"No suggestions found, but feel free to enter any address."


But I can't OK when filling in a guest email address.


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I'm getting tired with bug tracking in O365 :(

Yes, you are correct also in this case, as far as I can see...

Hello Bart, Here also the same problem :)
I think the way the process of adding external users to a Group is designed is just by doing through the members area in the Group so that could be the reason why it's not going to work if you try to add a guest directly from the Group site

Hi Bart, For Outlook Desktop the feature is currently in Insiders Preview; Although it looks like you are on Insiders preview, hence to add guest you need to hit enter after typing the email address. If this step was not obvious to you; I take this as a feedback & will improve our experience.

Bart I'm having the same issue. I thought it was just me doing something wrong despite having done it successfully before.

According to the support agent, this is no bug. It depends of course on your definition of bug.


I understand from a technical point of view, but it is confusing for users since the widgets are very similar and they both refers to the group members.


So I do believe there is a mismatch between the UI and the functionality.

@Sahil Arora

Thanks Sahil.

And what about the UI in the Group team site? (first post in this thread)

Hi Salvatore, Guest Access in Group Team site is on the road-map, currently you can add guest as Group member through OWA or OLK Desktop(Insider's preview)

Thanks Sahil, fyi hitting ENTER didn't work. The dialog just briefly flickers. However I'm not using Insiders preview, just first release current channel (7760.2060).


I guess documentation is running ahead? It may be a good idea to start incorporating info on minimal version to documentation.