New Groups creation experience has arrived to my tenant



Today I have discovered in one of my tenants that I have a new experience for creating Groups there...It might happen that It has been there for some days, but I have discovered it Today. Currently it's possible to create 4 Group Types: Standard group; Project Group; Organizational Group; Interest Group.




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Hi, we have it in one of our tenants to - not sure still if it's only a classification of the group or if it's actually provision them with different features?


Have you compared them and found any differences?

Yeap and not seeing any difference between choosing one option or another...Group features seems to be the same

Same here, all group types seem to create the same content.




It's definitely related to this rollout Santhosh, it's the odd navigation issues we're encountering with the rollout.

So for now, we could say that this new feature is more oriented to use cases for Groups, isn't it?
Yes, it looks like templates for groups creation. Each Group type will have different set of combinations. Ex: Interest groups will have connectors and Organizational group will be S4B (Meet Now button).
Not seeing those things for the moment ^-^

May be soon Smiley Wink I have seen Meet Now button in groups some days before in Groups. 

This is an experiment we are currently running to learn about group personas. The personas are not tied to templates nor specific settings at this stage.
What are the implications of the experiment? Is this a feature to stay or to be removed once the experiment ends?

Will thre be some sort of notification when the templates are finalized so that we can understand the implementation differences?


Just seen on my tenant. Interesting!

I noticed this within the group properties after creating a group with the new personas. 
2016-10-30 16_28_52-Start.png

I've tested the PLC group option (I work at a school) and there are 2 differences:


  • The privacy by default in a regular group is public and in PLC is private
  • The OneNote created for the group has a lot of content in the PLC group.

That is about it :)


I am no longer seeing this experience in my tenant.