New group notification only works when created from Mail

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Has anyone else noticed this 'bug'.


I use "Activity Alerts" in "Security & Compliance" to inform me whenever a new group is created.  I've been using this to keep tabs on our group creation.  This works if someone creates a group from Mail, however I don't get notifications if someone opens planner and creates the group from there.


Anyone else seeing this behavior, or have a more fool proof way of keeping on top of new groups?   I did see the script for creating a SP list with list all groups, but I'm hoping to get emails on every group creation.



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I guess it's just another example of the inconsistent behavior we have around Groups depending on the endpoint used. @Tony Redmond is the one I usually turn to for anything Group related, he might be able to confirm/deny this.

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The events that show up in the Audit Log depend on workloads generating the events and making the events available for inclusion. Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, etc. do this, but other workloads - like Planner and Teams - do not. Hence, any groups created through these routes will not show up. This is one of the issues described in

I expect over the time this will be improved and we could be able to get activities from these other services and Apps

That is a bit surprising.  However it is what it is, and my imeadiate concern is to sort out how I'll continue to audit them.   As @Juan Carlos González Martín mentioned I expect over time this will be improved.   


I'm going switch gears on monitoring groups and use what @Brent Ellis threw online as a script,   


I'd be curious to hear how others are auditing/monitoring groups.   It may be worthy of a different thread.


Thanks, @Tony Redmond @Juan Carlos González Martín @Brent Ellis

Challenges aside, I commend you John. You're letting your end-users create Groups and drive their own collaboration needs. The controls and governance we need aren't complete. But they are much further down the road than when Groups were introduced in 2014. However, Planner, PowerBI, CRM... some other future workloads added to Groups... you have to wonder how long it will take to wrap these into the same controls and governance.