New feature: Office 365 Groups now supports retention policies and label management


Today, we are pleased to announce the release of the following features to help you manage Office 365 Groups: deletion recovery, retention policies and label management. We've also summarized recent enhancements to help admins manage group as well as key upcoming features in this blog post:


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Congrats on reaching yet another important goal. And congrats to the entire security and compliance team for delivering the unified CLP vision.



We really appreciate the efforts for enhancing group-governance!


One question:

Features for adding pre/suffix to OWA-groups requires AAD premium. We do have several services, apps and even domain controllers in Azure, but the AAD linked to our tenant is licensed with "basic" license. We use ADFS and AAD-sync to our directories so I believe we did like most, and simply created a tenant with AAD included :)


Our problem is that our users (employees and students) label OWA-groups with department names etc. These names have a high probability of being used by exchange in the future, since all addresses created on our federated domain, also gets an onmicrosoft-address (naturally). Example: If a student creates a group called “Sales”, we have a problem… :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Two ways to solve this: we could add a new non-federated domain (won't work with federated domains) and add groups to that domain, but we rather avoid this. Or we can add a pre/suffix to the group, but that requires AAD premium.


Are there any other options? We could create a list of banned names, but there are some creative people at our university ;)


This is the one small issue we face now with groups (and therefore Teams, Planner, Modern Sites etc). Not a huge problem today, but it might be in the future. For us it looks like an AAD Premium subscription is the way to go, but that is one hefty price when including all our students. If anyone could point us in the right direction on this, it would be much appreciated!





The upcoming naming policies in Azure AD will address your ask, my recommendation is to reach out to your Microsoft Account team to figure out pricing & licensing.

Hi @Christophe Fiessinger,


I've enabled, and then disabled+deleted a retention policy.

Ever since I'm having issues with affected SharePoint Sites.


I can no longer delete folders with content in them, Error: You have to delete all the items in this folder before you delete the folder.


Cannot delete subsites of affected sites, error: Sorry, something went wrong. This site cannot be deleted because it is on hold for eDiscovery.


We don't have any other retention policies active, or any eDiscovery cases that should affected the sites.


Any ideas what is happening here?

Great group-governance feature. Like what you guys are doing on these topics!

Not sure what the issue is, my recommendation is to contact support to get this adressed.