Need to escalate issue - Unable to add attachments in Group Calendars via Outlook Online

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So starting on Monday, all our users were unable to add attachments to Group Calendar events via the Office 365 Portal.  Before this, we never had a problem.  Office 365 support has confirmed this is a system wide issue, but when pressed about a potential resolution time the support analyst just stated " This is a current limitation of Outlook online Platform".  Considering the disruption this is having on our business I don't consider that an acceptable answer.


We had to use the Web Portal to initiate these group events because users were having about 50% of them flat out not go through when initiated via the desktop outlook client.

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best response confirmed by Christophe Fiessinger (Microsoft)

While someone from Microsoft may see this and intervene, usually you'd follow this up directly via the support request.  See this response for details on this, though I appreciate you just want the issue fixed as soon as possible!


How can I escalate issues in Office 365?


"If you don't think you are getting the help you need, ask the support ambassador what's needed before they will escalate the ticket. Every person in the support organization wants to resolve your ticket as quickly as possible."

Just to follow up on this, I've asked that exact question and not received a response yet. Considering the issue at hand I am a little frustrated by the complete lack of communication.

Hi Patrick,
Could you help us better understand your scenario? Are you getting an error dialog when you try to attach a file to a meeting form invoked from the group calendar? Or are file attachments to group events missing? I've taken these steps but I'm unable to repro this issue:
1) Go to Outlook on the web
2) Go to Calendar tab
3) Select a group calendar from the left nav (unselect the rest of the calendars)
4) Press "New"
5) Ensure that "Send a meeting invitation to group members" checkbox is checked.
6) Attach a powerpoint file and send the invite.

I'm able to see the attachment in the meeting form from my personal calendar and group calendar.

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I am initiating a Calendar event on a group Calendar (I can tell because the group is automatically invited).  When you try to attach a document from your desktop or attempt to drag and drop, the following error always occurs - The following files could not be attached:"File Name". Please Try again later.


No error occurs if you initiate the request from a personal calendar or attach a link from a Sharepoint Site or One Drive. The point of doing all the work in the group Calendar  was to keep all the invites from Employee's personal Calendar as we are utilizing the group calendar as an informal Dispatch Board.


This issue has been confirmed by the support tech I initiated the request with.  I can give you the case number if you want it.