Naming Policy


My list of group names used to be so neat, all starting with my set prefix to ensure everyone knew what they were. Now it's down right ruined by the combined efforts of Yammer and Teams users.


Please release the AzureAD naming scheme components ASAP, and restore my sanity.



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best response confirmed by Steven Collier (MVP)

Steven we hear you but unfortunately there is a bit more work to be done before we release this and latest ETA (subject to change!) is June.

And I thought we're only going to get good news today :(

@Christophe can you share with us why is taking so long to get least a high level summary

Have been waiting this 'forever', we only can allow certain users to create groups until this gets put in place for the reasons above.

Is there somewhere we can track the release of this or be notified when it's available?  I looked through the roadmap but didn't see anything, however, it's completely possible I missed it.