Multi factor authentication

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Can you force multi-factor authentication for external users in Office 365 Groups? 

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For external users with a live ID the user would have to enable multi-factor authentication individual for themselves at You cannot enforce it.

External Office365 users need to set it up in there own Tenant. You cannor enforce this either.

You should be able to apply MFA for external users by purchasing the Azure MFA provider from Azure. See for pricing.


If you purchase a Per Authentication license then you can apply this for external users.

See also for more details.

You could use a parent child construction on the live id. Have the child been set up to use 2FA and hand it over to the extenal party. It is a bit far fetched but it will do the trick :)  

Thanks for your freedback.  The customer ended up doing what I suggested in the first place.  Encrypt an USB stick and courier it.  The encryption key was sent to them by text message.