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Hi Team,


We are setting up meetings within O365 Group and trying to get the meetings information of given Group ID using the below graph api{guid}/events?$orderby=createdDateTime


What we are now interested is, Can we get the MS Teams meeting recording link along with the event details? Do we have support from Graph api to get the Teams meeting recording details.


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Recording is on-demand only, by pressing a button, there's no way to prepopulate this info in any way if that's what you mean. If a recording was made, the link to it will be included in the meeting chat though, so you can just fetch that.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for your reply. I have created a teams meeting in O365 Group and able to get the event details like "Teams meeting url" using the below Graph api -{O365 Group ID}/events?$orderby=createdDateTime


So, i am trying to get the respective Teams meeting recording details programmatically. So, want to check if there is any possibility to get the Teams meeting recording details using the Teams Meeting ID or any other option.