MS Grapah API returns only 100 Office 365 groups



I am using MS graph API to fetch all Office 365 groups to check if any group has single owner. If any group has single owner then we are sending an email notification to add secondary owner for the Group. But when I used MS Graph API to fetch groups details I am getting only 100 groups in the result.


API user:$filter=groupTypes/any(g:g eq 'Unified')


Can anybody tell how to get all Office 365 unified groups using Graph API. Also please share all the limitation of MS Graph API.


some more info:

- MS Graph API invoked from Azure functions app

- Azure AD app used for authentication and below permission granted(Admin consent) to the App

  1. Read all usage reports
  2. Read all channel messages
  3. Read all audit log data
  4. Read all groups
  5. Read all users' full profiles
  6. Sign in and read user profile(delegated permission)

Thanks in advance

K Senthilrajan



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