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Is there a way to enable the group members to receive the sent email such that one of the group members replying to an email using the group email address? All group members are given the Send As Permission in the Group and I am referring to MS Office 365 group. Currently, when one of the members replies to an email that is sent to the group, the email is sent to the responder's sent items only, other members in the group are not receiving the sent email though the option to receive all conversations and etc is being checked.

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Simply add the group as recipient? Even if the message is copied to the Group's Sent items (akin to the "message copy" functionality we have for regular mailboxes and SendAs/Send on behalf of), Groups do not expose folders other than Inbox, so you will not be able to access it anyway.

@VasilMichev That's the reason why there is a need for the Group members to receive the sent emails else nobody will know whether the emails in the inbox are being read and responded. In addition, how to add the group as recipients?

Hi @Novis1380,

try to use this freeware flow  as a base and modify it.

Alternatively you can use this add-in: BCCtoGroup for Outlook.