Monitoring the Removal of Office 365 Groups (and Teams)


Owners of Office 365 Groups can delete groups if they want. Some don’t like this as it means that SharePoint site collections, teams, and plans are removed. The simple membership model used by Office 365 Groups is the cause, and while you cannot stop owners deleting their groups, you can take action to detect and recover deleted groups if necessary.

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You can monitor without the need to write PowerShell scripts by simply setting a "delete" action alert in the Security & Compliance center and have the notification be sent to either an individual admin or a group mailbox so all can track the history of deletion!

That's right, and I have updated the article.


However, the downsides of using activity alerts (or alert policies) is that you depend on the ingestion feed into the audit log, and that happens at unpredictable periods. You also depend on someone going to check out the deleted group when the notification arrives. Sometimes admins lose track of events that arrive in email notifications because there can be so many of them in a busy tenant. My preference is therefore to have a more focused and proactive stance to the issue... but if you don't want to write PowerShell (or use code that someone else has written), then you can certainly use activity alerts. 

I see someone is busy producing PowerShell content for Groups/Teams...

As you well know, PowerShell fills the gaps left by developers...