Modern Team Site


From today, I can view the modern home page of an existing group in our tenant. Unlike a classic team site, I don’t see any of the options to add structural or current navigation. Is the current thinking that modern team sites/groups will get this functionality or are they to be viewed as separate site collections, or is it too early to make this assumption? We currently use classic team sites as the building blocks for our company intranet site so the navigation is a basic requirement.

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With modern team sites you will still have the option to create subsites...just my 2 cents

Can someone tell me how I am supposed to know whether this new functionality has rolled out to my tenant within Office 365? I have checked daily and do not see this functionality? I have Sharepoint Lists and Libraries set to the Classic Experience within my Admin this causing me not to see the new Site UX?

Short answer: Yes!

Is there no way to turn on this functionality at the site collection level? I followed the steps within this article and it states that the feature is not activated.


No there is not, this feature scope is site level