Migrating and archiving files from Office 365 (O365) Groups to Sharepoint Intranet

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Hi all!


We've set up a solution for our colleagues where:

- OneDrive is used for personal/individual filesharing, collaboration, remote access;

- A shared Office 365 Group is used for ad hoc team- and group-level filesharing, collaboration, remote access;

- Our standing Sharepoint site is used for archiving and longer term filesharing, collaboration, remote access (for more standardized files, and for more robust data security).


Periodically we want to archive relevant parts of the O365 Group to the Intranet; are any of you familiar with a workflow like that, and are there smart ways to make this as smooth as possible?


Hoping to hear from you, thanks much in advance :)

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Best approach I can think is to write some code/PowerShell to do this archive operations or use a third party tool

Groups have SharePoint team sites now, so I am wondering why you'd consider Groups to be any less secure or robust than SharePoint. Groups are covered by all the compliance features too (via the Security and Compliance Centrer), so why not leave the documents etc. in the group document library?

I see, thank you Tony! My information is coming from our IT focal point but perhaps his knowledge is due for an update :)