Migrate emails from an email address to O365 Group mailbox

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I've a project ABC with an email address abc@domain.com... now I want to setup a O365 Group for this project with same email abc@domain.com but this email already carries 5+ GBs of emails. How can I get all emails under the same email in O365 Group keeping the email abc@domain.com same...?

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Well you should be able to use the drag&drop functionality in OWA: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Office-365-Groups/New-Drag-and-drop-conversations-into-groups...


Although with 5GB, that's bound to be a painful experience :) So perhaps look into some third party tools.

Painful or slow :p

@VasilMichev I checked win OWA it works. Thanks.


However, I'm not clear on 5GB bound...?


Additionally, I know the O365 Group Mailbox size is 50GB (pls correct me if I'm wrong), is there any way of Archiving emails and Files?

I was just mentioning that with 5GB worth of emails, you will have to do a lot of drag and dropping if you decide to use this method.


And no, Groups do not support Archiving.