Merge Office 365 Groups?

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We have 2 Office 365 Groups which were created for the same purpose, but at different times and with different names, that have both now been in active use for over a year without anyone noticing.  I need to eliminate the duplicate, but don't want to lose the historical content of that group if we can avoid it.  What, if any, options are available for merging one group (or at least it's content) into another?



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There is no option to merge! Also, what workloads have you utilized within the group?

Mails can be easily copied, exported and imported etc, and SharePoint files are also easy to migrate over from one team site to the other..

The group we're eliminating was primarily used as an email distribution group, so moving emails over should be sufficient. Is there an easy way to do that en masse from the admin side?
You can do this with a content search from the compliance center.

Content search only helps you export the data, the problem is ingest it in the new Group. Since there's no PST import functionality for Groups, your only options are to use EWS/Graph API based solutions, or use a shared mailbox instead.

Well, you can also drag&drop items :)

Good point :)

@Vasil Michev 
Drag/Drop does not work between groups (Outlook web and client) 

Any other alternative?