Meetings - Don't send to whole group.


When a new meeting is created for a group calendar, even if you uncheck "Send meeting invitation to group members" it still arrives in the inbox of all group members with the options "Accept/Tentative/Decline".  This is very unintuitive.  It would be great if our team could place events related to the teamwork on the calendar without inviting everyone to them.  


Is this a bug or am I not understanding the point of group calendars?  The only thing that seems like it could be on here are "Team Wide Events" or some other large gathering...  I was hoping the calendar could act as an overview of what is going on with travel/meetings/milestones etc.


I saw a uservoice request for this,, which seems to indicate its fixed! But it definitely is not.


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Hi Myles, this looks like a bug. Unchecking that box - send meeting invitation to group members should avoid sending that invite to group member's inboxes. Can you send me your tenant details on Private Message?
I've seen sporadic instances of that in our organization, too. I can't pin down whether the end users who are creating the events are using OWA or Desktop. I'd love to hear further results posted to this thread.