Meaningless dialog popup "inside or outside your organization"

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This dialog appears when adding someone to a group but everyone is either inside or outside - just what does this message mean?

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This is totally unexpected cc @Christophe Fiessinger

Hi David, Sorry to see this. But can you tell me what type of user you are adding to the Groups? Is it guest or internal user(would also include user in accepted domain)?

Is this a expected Popup? I think it's the first time I see it

Or maybe the emphasis is on "individual user"? Either way, the message is poorly worded :)

Don't know, the message format and content seems to be totally out of place imho
I get this when adding an internal user. Adding Guests is working fine.

I may have found how this occurs. If you add a user to your subscription/tenant but that user has not yet signed-in or somehow activated the email account - then the lookup fails as a) it is clearly not a guest account as it is a @domain address, but 2) it is not yet found or somehow resolved in the tenant directory so it is not a valid internal address - the dialog text is clearly built from these two situations and in this situation simply reports the email is neither outside nor inside. Whoever coded this dialog text construction did not think of all possible cases.


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Thanks David. We are investigating this issue; Looks like the root cause is on the similar lines as you have mentioned, we are fixing this issue.