Lookup column on different Office 365 Group list

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Hi all

I'm new in Office 365.

I have two offce 365 grous: groupA and groupB.

groupA has a list and I'm trying to create a list in groupB with a lookup column of the list in groupA.

Does anybody know, if this is possible?

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Hi @Hans Peter Taferner,


No you can't do this. Lookups cannot go across site collections. Using managed metadata with the lookup data stored centrally might be the better option.

Or the other way around is to "develop" your custom lookup...something that by the way you cannot do Today in SPO

Hi @Pieter Veenstra,


thank's for the reponse.

Now I've added an Term Set to the Term Store in the mainwebsite and I'm able to link two lists together.

My problem is now, that metadata does not provide futher columns like an ordinary lookup column does. So it's quite difficult to select the right Term on inserting new data in the list.


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Would custom properties on termsets be any help?

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I wouldnt spend too many more cycles on this. It is fruitless for what you want to achieve.

You are better off to create a 3rd site, where your solution will actually live, and delegate access to the appropriate areas to each of the O365 Groups. (e.g. Group A can see and edit the lookup list, Group B can view the lookup list but not edit, and both Groups can update the list where the lookup is being used).

My formal stance - Groups are ONLY for group-based collaboration. All custom "solutions" place in a dedicated SharePoint site (outside of the O365 Group construct).

Hi @Brent Ellis


thank you for your response. This seems to be the best way.


Best regards


Hans Peter