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I'm pretty sure the answer to this is no, but can an existing team site be linked to a newly created group. We already already have a team site, so don't need a new one. Can the Group be configured so when you click Site in the top nav bar you are taken to that existing site.



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At this time existing sites cannot be linked to a group. It is on the roadmap that existing SharePoint site collections will be able to add on an Office 365 Group.  I included a slide and a link to a presentation from Ignite on this thread which goes through the future phases of integration.

Today it is not possible. Probably the ability to "groupify" a team site (i.e. a procedure to attach a Group to existing team sites) will be added later.

Give a look to this thread:

Thanks both, good to know it's in the roadmap

This feature is announced recently, but yet to be rolled out. More details here:


Look for the section: "Connect existing team sites to Office 365 Groups"

It is feature #16035 (SharePoint - Connect a site to an Office 365 group) on the roadmap that we can track

Looks like we now have a resolution: 

Hey Chandler, that link isn't working, but I'd be interested in seeing it.


Unfortunately it looks like the groups connectivity for exisitingsite is only for site collections, not sub sites which doesn't work for us.

Bummer that my link didn't work right, it's just an Ignite recording that runs through the topic at hand. The blog that @Deleted posted hits the mark - Thank you Paul! 


Just one think that might help....


When you go to the manage team option within a team and then add another group rather than a single member you will find that all members of the group added are added to the team. At least a quick way to get all those users moved into your new group.