Is there another option t ensure that mail is delivered to all group members

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With O365 groups you can enable the option "Send all group conversations and events to members' inboxes. They can stop following this group later if they want to". With this option enabled you're initially sure that when sending an email to the group email address using Outlook Desktop or Web, all members will receive the message. However as the option mentions, members can individually stop following the group and no longer receive emails send to the group mail address.

Is there a way (option/power shell) to prohibit/overwrite the user opt out choice?

Our use case > we want to use Office Groups  & corresponding email address to inform group members, instead of creating another/duplicate Distribution List in Exchange (EOL) to inform departmental teams. If we can't be sure that all group members receive the comms we need to create a dedicated DL in EOL and have as such 2 member lists to maintain.OG-Settings-Send all group.png

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What you can do is periodically run a script that adds all members of the group as Subscribers.

Hi@Vasil Michev tx for your prompt response. Can you share the code of such script?

Nevertheless it's still not clear to me why Microsoft is not making a clear distinction about sending emails to an Office 365 group by means of using (addressing) it just like a distribution list from within Outlook (EOL) and on the other hand giving the users the opportunity to opt-out from getting notifications about all posts made in the shared inbox o/t O365 group. In my belief these are 2 different things and could/should as such also be separated I/t setup/concept of O365 groups. Tx & brgds.

It's as simple as


Get-UnifiedGroupLinks blabla -LinkType Member | % {Add-UnifiedGroupLinks blabla -LinkType Subscriber -Links $_.PrimarySmtpAddress }

Like you would with any other PowerShell script - Task scheduler on any windows box, or Azure Function, AWS Lambda function for a cloud solution... pick your poison.