Is there a PowerShell Script to bulk unsubscribe members' inboxes from group?

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Someone setup a group with "Send all group conversations and events to members' inboxes" and then added many members.

Now everyone is getting notifications when someone makes a comment in the planner for that group and people are asking what is going on. We want to bulk unsubscribe everybody that is already a member of the group so they are still members but so they do not get notifications in their email inbox. 


How is this possible?

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Yes, simply use the Get-UnifiedGroupLinks to get the list of subscribers, then remove them via Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks. Quick example:


Get-UnifiedGroupLinks groupname -LinkType subscriber | % { Remove-UnifiedGroupLinks groupname -Links $_.PrimarySmtpAddress -LinkType subscriber }


Of course if you are running this against a big number of users, test it first or better yet, use a proper script instead of a one-liner.

Hi  @Ruben Kertesz - we apologize for the inconvenience caused. 


To let you know, we are working on a fix which would prevent Planner task comments from being delivered to member's Outlook inboxes. Please bear with us till we make this fix.


@chtran as FYI.

Really? That is great. I know you asked us to hang on while that is fixed but are we talking a couple of weeks or a month or a couple of months, etc?


Thanks @Ravin Sachdeva and @chtran

@Ravin Sachdeva @chtran is there a way to prevent task comment notifications going to the Office 365 Group Conversation folder? 

Per "Stay on top of tasks and plans with email and notifications" 

Someone comments on a plan

All plan members who are following the group in their inbox



No. You can't turn this off


It looks like its still "No. You can't turn this off". Any plans for that to change?