Is it possible to use Office 365 Groups with on-premises mailboxes?


We want to start to use groups but we are not ready to move our Exchange mailboxes to Exchange Online.


Currently, when we try to access the conversation, calendar or members of a group, we get an error saying that the mailbox cannot be found.


Is this the expected behaviour?

Is there a way to use groups while we have an hybrid configuration?


We found that, if we create a Team for a group, the members can be managed in the Team UI. Why can't we have the same option when working at the group level?


This question was asked in a different thread but was never answered.





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Office 365 Groups requires you to use the full Office 365 feature set in order to get the complete experience - so no it's not possible to use it with on-premises mailboxes.

Benoit please see this article: Configure Office 365 Groups with on-premises Exchange hybrid

By design hybrid users will have an experience similar to DL and won't get the immersive experience online mailbox users get.

Thanks for the link. I read that and understand that the e-mail part will behave like a DL but, is there a way to use a UI like Teams to manage members?


I am not sure that I want to display «mailbox not found» messages to all hybrid users when navigating groups. Could the links be hidden or redirected if a user has no online mailbox?


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Benoit you should be able to manage team membership directly in MS Teams