Is it possible to have a full team site for a group created in Outlook or Teams ? (SOLVED)

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We have groups created originally in Outlook but now we would like to build a team site for them.

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I don't understand your matter if you create a Group in OWA, Outlook or PowerShell, the Group will get a Site

Hi Juan, I noticed that the sites created by SP are placed immediately after the company url, while sites created by outlook or teams are placed after \sites. Also, for these apparently it is not possible to have access to some features like editing or creating pages. It seems to me that these sites are somehow limited.

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This is differet stuff :) and let me explain what is happening:
(1) Today when you create a site from the SharePoint landing page, it's created under the SharePoint root site in your tenant. This is going to change when modern team sites are released (being rolled out currently to first release).
(2) When you create a Group a Site collection in the form https://<YourDomain><GroupName> is created for you.
(3) Today it's true that Groups sites seems to be limited compared with sites you create from the SharePoint landing page, but this is changing and no matter where you create a site you are going to have the same experience when working with it
No, it's not...see my explanation :)