Identifying what service created an M365 group


Hey all,


Like a lot of organizations, our GAL is a mess.  A lot of this is contributed to the fact that all M365 groups are added to the GAL by default so I can't be proactive on this.  I'm going through the process of trying to clean this up but I'd like to identify what is created the M365 groups.


Is there a way to find out what created a group?  I'd like to know if it was Teams, SharePoint, Planner, etc.  I can get a list of all M365 groups but nothing really tells me what created it.  Any suggestions?  



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You can check the ResourceProvisioningOptions value via PowerShell, but keep in mind that only started populating few years back and only for Teams. If you are fine with using the Graph API instead, you can leverage some additional data as detailed here: