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We startet using Office 365 groups and I find it a bit confusing that a user can be either member, owner or both of a group in Office 365, while being owner basically seems to include the member status. We recently had users removed from groups through the Office 365 admin center only to find out that they were still part of some groups because they were one of the owners. Or we didn't event see they were part of a group because they were only set as owner but not as member. How are we supposed to identify groups that a users owns and therefore is also a member of? I was expecting to see a combined view in the user settings in the Admin center but this does not show groups where a user is "just" an owner. There is probably a PowerShell way but that isn't a convenient way to use for everyone so I am specifically looking for a way through the web management portal. Did we miss something here?


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The only way now to get this view is by means of you are basically correct: the UI does not provide a view where you can easily see members and owners of the Groups you have in your tenant

Just to add how to easily get the list of Groups for which a particular user is Owner:


Get-Recipient -Filter "ManagedBy -eq 'CN=user,,OU=Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations,DC=EURPR03A001,DC=prod,DC=outlook,DC=com'" -RecipientTypeDetails GroupMailbox


where the long string in the Filter value is the DN (distinguished name) attribute of the user.

Most might not like to type in a distinguished name. To make this easier, extract the DN for a mailbox to a varible and use that in the filter.


$Dn = (Get-Mailbox -Id TRedmond).DistinguishedName

Get-Recipient -Filter "ManagedBy -eq '$DN'" -RecipientTypeDetails GroupMailbox


Unless of course you really like typing in long and complex strings...