How to restore deleted Teams site?

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Hi! I have received information: Microsoft Teams(Free) will end at 2023/4/12 andI accedently deleted our team site too soon. (I forgot to backup manually few channels file folders before deletion).


I'm a admin of this deleted site and it's older teams site was made in 2019. I have link to it's sharepoint site, but now it says 404 file not found when I'm trying to access it.


How to reastore teams site and it's folders?

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@Heikka_Hirvonen Restoring a team site follows a similar process to restoring a communication site. However, please note that if the associated group of the team site has been permanently deleted, the site cannot be restored. To begin the restoration process, use the following cmdlet:

Restore-SPODeletedSite -Identity <SPOSiteURL>

For more information on other operations and functionalities available for managing deleted sites, check: