How to hard delete on a private channel within 30 days of deletion

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Hi, my team uses private channels in our data team to share private data with other members of our org. We found out we are capped at 30 private channels, so we deleted some private channels then realized Microsoft only does a 'soft delete' for 30 days in order to allow one to restore the channel is needed. This would be fine, but the deleted channels still count towards the 30 channel max for 30 days. Is there a way to 'hard delete' a private channel within 30 days of deletion so that we can create more private channels more immediately? 

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Afaik no way to do that, but you can check with support just in case.



Seem no way at this moment, below are the workaround:


Restore the deleted channel: Teams ... Manage Team - Channels - Restore from 'Deleted' channel'

Rename the restored channel: Channels ... edit channel 

You are also considered to delete ALL member permission, changing from private to public as well 

@Vasil Michev, I checked with Microsoft Support and they commented:

I have tried to reach out to our escalation engineer to help us if they can delete the channel from the backend. However, they mentioned that, currently it is not possible to permanently delete the private channels as this feature is unavailable.
Sadly, it seems everyone needs to wait the full 30 days for the soft-deleted channel to disappear :thinking_face: