How to Create O365Groups Sharepoint Site via PowerShell

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Hi there,


We are rolling out O365 Groups to our 200+ stores, one for each store for local team collaboration. Part of this is the creation of a standard set of Folders within the O365 Groups 'Files' area.

Whilst we are able to create the O365 Group via Powershell, we can't seem to find an easy way to create the SharePoint Site for the groups and then add the folders.

Looking for something similar to the OneDrive Cmdlet "Request-SPOPersonalSite" used to create personal OneDrive Sites.


Any ideas?



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Have you taken a look at PnP? They have already in place specific cmdlets to work with Groups and they also have all the provisioning staff

Like Juan Carlos says, my advice too, is to use PnP PowerShell for this. Fairly easy to install. The instructions and the entire repository can be found here:


You can then use these CMDlets: