How can I automatically send email directly FROM: the Group Email address

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We are using groups to handle communications externally to our 50+shops.  Each shop has their own "Group" which we use for internal storage of all communications, documents, etc.  Each Group has it's own email address which is created when the Group is created.

By default we would like all communications to the shop owners coming FROM: the Group Email address so when the shop owner hits "Reply" instead of "Reply all" that the email is directed back into the Group email and all group members are all notified of a response  (as all members are subscribed to email notifications).  Everyone has "Send As" capabilities but some people aren't in the Groups enough to remember to change the FROM email address to the Group.

This is a big roadblock for us. 

Having a visable Sent folder would help but ideally being able to auto send FROM the Group email address would solve everything.



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Not sure what the issue is here, you have already granted the necessary permissions to be able to Send As the Group. The rest is just user education, and the steps they need to follow in order to send as the Group are pretty much the same steps you would follow with any other recipient.


There is no way to automatically send as the Group, if that's what you mean. For this, and access to Sent Items, you're better off using a shared mailbox instead of Group.