How can I add a guest to a Office Group?


I am tennant admin and group owner. External sharing is allowed for all site collections. I walked through this post more than once. 


I created a group. The I wanted to add a guest that is outside our AD: From that point the experience is differeen, depending on client. 


With Android Groups app I get 'You are not allowed'.

From the Admin Center of my O365 tennant I can enter the mail-address but the OK-button is still grayed out.

Same behaviour from within Outlook 2016.

When reaching the Group via OWA and the Peoply tab I can enter the mail-address and save the changed memberlist. 


Then I get a invitation mail. When I click on 'accress to files' I am redirected to a browser window to set up a Microsoft account. After entering mail an name I get the confirmation mail with the one-time code. After entering the code that I became I allways get the error 'his tenant does not allow email verified users to be added due to an admin-defined policy. Contact the person who invited you to report the error'. 


I tried this with several groups and several mail-addresses. I end up allways with the same error.


I have never set up such a policy. What is going wrong here? How can I disable such a policy?


The tennant is on Standard Release. Some people, including me, are in a First Release Group. 

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Thanks Robert for reaching out! While inviting fresh new guests is available only through OWA & Mobile Apps. We are working on enabling this support for OLK Desktop. However the behaviour has to be consistent and you should be able to access SharePoint.

Can you provide me the username of the guest added and the tenant name through Private Message?

Hi Sahil,


thank you. I sent you a PM.

Solved it. The mail addresses I tested with were bound to an Office 365 tenant. I didn't knew that. And that tenant had a setting that disabled guest invites (set-msolcompanysettings -AllowEmailVerifiedUsers $False). I retested with mail addresses not bound to a Microsoft Account or a Office 365 tenant and everything works now as expected. Thank you for your help, @Sahil Arora

Any solution for existing O365 users as guests?

What I don't understand: why needs the guest-tenant any changes?


Clarification appreciated.

Thanks, Juergen 


Thanks Jurgen for reaching out! Can you explain a bit what do you mean by "Any solution for existing O365 users as guests"?


For the second one; by default guest tenant doesnt need any change, in this case the guest tenant had an exclusive policy to disable creation of viral user, which is needed to create guest user.


Thanks for the quick reply!

Every now and then my customers get the response from invited "group guests" that they cannot access to the group via invitation (error: tenant does not allow email verified users to be added due to an admin-defined policy. Contact the person who invited you to report the error).

They do as said and contact the owner of the group. But the problem seems to be a policy at the guests tenant (?).

My question: What has a policy (guest tenant) to do with the guest account, created at the invitation site (tenant)? Or for short: May I tell those guests to contact their (!) IT-administration to look at their policies?


Thanks again,


Hello Robert,

Can you further elaborate how you resolve it?

Do you have 2 separate tenants with both set "AllowEmailVeriedUsers" $False? then had one changed to $True or both of them had to be set to True?

If I understood correctly, the scenario is the following:


A User "Bob" from a tenant A invites a user "Bill" from a tenant B as guest in the tenant. both users are linked to their respective O365 tenant.




What is restricting Bill (Tenant B) from accessing tenant A as guest, is the Tenant B configs? I don't understand why those configs would have an impact on the possibility of accessing Tenant A as guest.


Or am I understanding wrong, and it is Tenant A that needs to be configured?