Help With Deleted SharePoint site That is Attached to a Group

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Looking for some guidance. Some how the SharePoint site that is attached to a group has been deleted. The email group still exists, the plan in Planner exists and the workgroup in Power BI is still there. Originally group got created in Power BI. I've talked with MS about and they said the site was deleted on March 14th and it can not be recovered.


So how can I craete a new SharePoint site that is attached to the group?

When I go to create a new SharePoint site from the SharePoint landing page and I enter in the site name, it says the site already exists.


I'm still baffled out the site got deleted and the group did not.





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Have you tried to restore it from the SharePoint admin center recycle bin?

It should be kept there for 30 days...

Yes, i did try that. When i talked with MS we tried via Powershell and i did look on the SharePoint Admin center. However since it is a site that gets created when an O365 group gets created, I believe that those sites don't show up there which is why we could not recover it from there.

But you should be able to work with this sites using PowerShell addin @Christophe Fiessinger

I did trying restoring it from Powershell and had no success, unless I'm missing something.


My other question is can you delete only the SharePoint site that gets created when the group get created. I didn't think you could which is why I'm trying to figure out how it got deleted. But then again maybe I'm overlooking something.



Yeap, it's possible to delete Group Site by mistake With no least for now

Where is the option to delete the site?

It's hidden but you can grab the delete site Url from a site where the option is available or even delete the site using PowerShell

I saw this description in the March 31, 2017 Weekly Roundup.  (Italic and Bold Emphasis added by me):


New feature: Recover deleted Office 365 Group via PowerShell

On March 28, 2017 Microsoft announced that if you've deleted an Office 365 group, it's now retained by default for a period of 30 days. Within that period, you can now restore the group and its associated apps and data via a new PowerShell cmdlet. For additional information please go to groupssoftdelete. Join the conversation in the Office 365 Groups space.


Here's the link to the Roundup:



Correct we support restoring an entire groups and all the apps associated with it (including SharePoint). For this specific issue, only the SP site got deleted somehow and that's not something we support.

If he deleted the rest of the group and info would sharepoint comeback as part of the restore process?

yes assuming the group was deleted properly (via UI or via supported PowerShell UI or cmdlets)

Thanks for everyone's input. I'm going to try and recreate this issue on a new test Group that i create by deleting the site for it and then deleting the Group. Then I'll try and do the restore via powershell.

To follow up with my last response. I did a test on a group. I deleted the SharePoint site from the deleteweb.aspx page. I then confirmed that it was gone. I then went to the Group in Outlook in O365 and deleted the group from there. Again confirmed that it was deleted. I then restored the Group using the PowerShell commands. The group and everything with it was restored except for the SharePoint site. So it looks like that will not work. Worth a shot thought

Glad to see though how easy the new restore process is for O365 groups is.

So my next question is how can I create a new SharePoint site and only a site and attach it to the existing group that had the original site deleted? is that even possible?


Richard we don't support attaching a SP site today to an existing Group but it's something on our roadmap that we hope to deliver later this year.

This was something I wanted to test out so good to know what happens when this is attempted.

I ran into this issue today. When visiting the site, we'd get a 404 error. What we learned was that the user had been "cleaning up the site" and had deleted the site pages folder which contained the home.aspx page. We were still able to navigate to other parts of the site (e.g by going to https://<domain><sitename>/SitePages/Forms/ByAuthor.aspx)


From there we could access the recycle bin, restore the site pages folder, right click home.aspx and make it the homepage again and everything was back to normal.