Hello EDU customers. Are you using PLC Groups?


I wanted to see if anyone on the network is using PLC's so they can share feedback.  


If you are still debating on whether you should use PLC's please also share your concerns.  



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What are PLC's?

PLC = Professional Learning Community Group. See the below link.





I'm not sure what the difference is between it and standard groups.
PLC stands for "Professional Learning Community". PLC is a special group type to enable easy communication within PLC community. When you create a PLC group, the group will be provisioned with an OneNote customized for PLC scenarios. The group will also be set to be private by default. You can create a PLC group from OWA - you will be presented with option to either create a PLC group or a Standard group. Standard group is the regular exists that already exists today. PLC feature is currently flight to North America region.
No, we are finding it difficult to determine how best to manage group creation while keeping our existing taxonomy/infrastructure in tact to reduce end user confusion and overhead in technical support. Would love to be able to allow staff to create PLCs, but hide any email addresses created from the GAL so we don't confuse the system or interfere with our existing provisioning automation.

We don't yet have the option, despite being FR.

If PLC were to include Staff Notebook and customisable content (so we could change all the North American-centric content) we'd be on board immediately.



We have it now. Needs the ability to customise the notebook it creates to be useful so we can put in our own processes. It's well intentioned but to a UK user does read a little like a cross between Microsoft trying to tell us how to teach and an advert.

We are a large school district and we're looking into the PLC groups, but I had to disable the option for staff to create their own groups; they have to request through me so I can make them all private PLC Groups. When end-users were allowed to create their own groups, they may name it "2nd grade PLC team"....but we have 27 schools, and they were all trying to create similarly named groups, and confusion ensued. Plus they ended up taking an email address that I could not use in the future. I completely agree that Groups look like they'll be a great workspace area for users...but Global Admins still need to control them.