Has anyone experienced loading issues with Groups Calendar?

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While on a training session, we noticed group members were not being able to open group Calendar. It was the first time we came across this issue. We determined it was not a browser or app issue (tested) so wondering if its a Calendar issue. Any insight would help, thanks! @DeletedUser_6884

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No problems on my side

me2 here.


There r several groups that I made and being owner.


only one group that i made recently displays only 'busy or not' option in Outlook 2016. OWA is fine.

Problem solved. I donno how I did it exactly, but I solved.


When I add O365 group calendar using add shared calendar -> choose group name, then it only shows busy or not information.



But when I.. um... navigate that group through left panel -> group, and choose that group to my favorate group, it shows all information in my calendar.


Is it... bug or designed to act like this?

I haven't seen any further issues so I'm wondering if indeed this was a temporary bug? I'll circle back if any further reports come up.

Same issue here. When added via calendar, only free busy info, but when added via favorite groups all info is visible. See screenshot, left is added via calendar and other via favo groups. It almost looks as it is another calendar. Repoduced it with several groups, same behavior.