GUID confusion for Office 365 Groups

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I am developing an app which will get Office 365 Activity details and trying to map with Single owner Office 365 groups (custom function). But the activities are not contains name of the Office 365 Group and owner name.  Instead it displays a GUID because below settings is enabled in Office 365 ports. Those GUID ids are not matching with group GUID. 


Portal configuration:


Sample activities:

Report Refresh Date,Group Display Name,Is Deleted,Owner Principal Name,Last Activity Date,Group Type,Member Count,External Member Count,Exchange Received Email Count,SharePoint Active File Count,Yammer Posted Message Count,Yammer Read Message Count,Yammer Liked Message Count,Exchange Mailbox Total Item Count,Exchange Mailbox Storage Used (Byte),SharePoint Total File Count,SharePoint Site Storage Used (Byte),Report Period


If this is the case how I can analyze the report for Office 365 Groups and its activities.


Is there any way to identify the group name base on GUID return by MS Graph API


MS graph API Used: reports/getOffice365GroupsActivityDetail(period='D30')



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For me the report displays the Group name just fine. Are you perhaps using the "anonymization" feature for the reports, which you can configure under

Yes, anonymization feature is enabled. If I disable the anonymization then I get the group name in plain text. 


The question here is, if anonymization is enabled then how to find out/ map activities with the group because the activity GUID under "Group principal name " is  not matching with actual group GUID.

Well that's kind of the point of using anonymization, you cannot tell the exact user/object. I'm not sure what the exact algorithm to generate those IDs is, probably is a combination with the tenant and user's GUID, and I'm not aware of any public document detailing it. If you need to see the actual object IDs, disable this option.